LEGOWORLD Utrecht GBC full walkthrough video


Finally the video has completed being uploaded to YouTube.

Enjoy 15 minutes of GBC.


LEGOWORLD Utrecht Fan Zone

So today I walked the Fan Zone at LEGOWORLD taking pictures of everything.

It was hard to get decent pictures, so I’ve sadly had to delete those that turned out too badly. It’s been a fun day which started off with some regular office work – so I spent a couple of hours going through e-mails and everyday work.

Then I shut down the laptop, left the hotel and headed back to LEGOWORLD for another day of talks with the AFOLs and taking pictures of the many MOCs there. The quality of the LEGO builds there is extremely high and it was a pleasure to dedicate time to take pictures of everything as that allowed me to get a better look at the MOCs.

Thanks to all the AFOLs for spending time to build the MOCs and also for spending more time on showing them to me and the rest of the visitors at LEGOWORLD. Everywhere AFOLs were engaging with the visitors sharing their passion and joy of building as only dedicated fans can.

I’ve uploaded all the images to my flickr account and I will showcase a few below!

LEGOWORLD Utrecht NL Fan Zone 2014

Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet in extreme UCS scale?

LEGOWORLD Utrecht NL Fan Zone 2014

A very nice tan colored castle

LEGOWORLD Utrecht NL Fan Zone 2014

Space Needle

LEGOWORLD Utrecht NL Fan Zone 2014

Rapunzel’s Tower

LEGOWORLD Utrecht NL Fan Zone 2014

Steampunk floating rocks and train track!

LEGOWORLD Utrecht NL Fan Zone 2014

Steampunk Kitty

LEGOWORLD Utrecht NL Fan Zone 2014

Tug boat

LEGOWORLD Utrecht NL Fan Zone 2014

Arjan’s boats

LEGOWORLD Utrecht NL Fan Zone 2014

Houses build with 1×2 plates!

LEGOWORLD Utrecht NL Fan Zone 2014

A rather impressive train layout

LEGOWORLD Utrecht NL Fan Zone 2014

Fans on tables

LEGOWORLD Utrecht NL Fan Zone 2014

Technic Technic TECHNIC!

LEGOWORLD Utrecht NL Fan Zone 2014


LEGOWORLD Utrecht NL Fan Zone 2014


LEGOWORLD Utrecht NL Fan Zone 2014

Bottle builds

LEGOWORLD Utrecht NL Fan Zone 2014

Miss Piggy

LEGOWORLD Utrecht NL Fan Zone 2014

Lucky Luke

LEGOWORLD Utrecht NL Fan Zone 2014

Space and yes, monorail!

LEGOWORLD Utrecht NL Fan Zone 2014

Pirate Ship


So day one is over, it is actually mid day on day two now.

Lots of impressions from day one and lots of talks with AFOLs from the Dutch AFOL community.

Around 70 of them are part of the Fan Zone at this year’s LEGOWORLD in Utrecht.

The amount of stunning MOCs brought by DeBouwsteen and LowLUG is quite impressive and I am going to do photos of them today as I spend yesterday trying to cover the family side of LEGOWORLD.

(Those pictures can be found in my flickr folder.)


The Brick Engraver at LEGOWORLD? Really? It seems that guy is everywhere these days!


I spend most of Thursday talking to AFOLs and I ended up getting “caught” inside the GBC area which was an eye-opener experience to me as I got to learn a lot on how the modules work, how they DON’T work and I was quite surprised that it is not just about making a module that transports a soccerball from A to B. – It is soo much more – including “on the spot” repairs and keeping everything running smoothly. Plus it seems that those GBC AFOLs have an urge to make any LEGO element work somewhere somehow in a GBC module. I’ve seen ZNAP and Clickits as part of some of the modules! What’s next GALIDOR?

What became quite obvious is that the GBC modules are extremely tough on the Power Function elements and I have included some images in my flickr folder where it is quite noticeable how much wear and tear the modules put the PF elements through.


Did a round of e-mails this morning and now it is back to the event for more talks and walks!

A great event indeed and it has only just begun!



LEGOWORLD Copenhagen.

On behalf of the LEGOWORLD in Copenhagen:


Application for LEGO World Copenhagen is open.

LEGO World 2015 in Copenhagen will be held at Bella Center in the period 12th to 15th of February 2015.


We are looking for larger quality displays which have not been shown extensive in this part of the world before.

If you are interested in being an exhibitor please use this link and fill in the required information not later than the 2nd of November 2014

Please be informed of that we only have a limited amount of exhibitor spots and due to that all entries need to be reviewed by the LEGO World Committee based on size, quality, attractiveness for the visitors and other criteria before acceptance.


The selected exhibitors will be informed in December 2014 (before Christmas).


For further information please go to: and there is a menu named LEGO World 2015.



LEGO World Day #2

So another day has come to an end – well not yet, as we are celebrating the AFOLs at the traditional AFOL dinner.
Again more than 10.000 visitors had the pleasure of walking through the Fan Zone and yet again the general impression was that the MOCs there blew away the visitors.
Even the US Ambassador had to make a stop and do a photo session of himself with the beautiful Capitol Hill MOC.

So far the AFOL dinner has included a visit by Thomas Kirk, representatives from LEGO Nordic BeNeLux – A big thanks to Annette, Jørn and Mette for again taking the time to celebrate with the AFOLs.

There’s been a speed build, now we are at the nerd awards where Stephan Sander, Dominick Gerlach, Morten Dalermoen and the team behind the TIVOLI Copenhagen diorama.

Next up is the auction with several rare LEGO sets being offered.

Here’s a few images from today’s LEGOWorld and AFOL Dinner.
Tomorrow will bring images from the LEGO Fan Zone.







LEGO World Copenhagen.

So it has begun – another year of LEGO Worlds starts off with the Copenhagen, Denmark event.

The Fan Zone is made up from MOCs 50+ AFOLs from 8 different nationalities and all of them ensure that the visitors get a fantastic experience from walking through the Fan Zone.

Sorry no pictures, but do promise to post some tomorrow.

The day ended perfectly when Jørgen Vig Knudstorp paid the AFOLs a visit during dinner, where he thanked them for all their work and their passion for the brand.

He was sorry that he couldn’t be around Friday night for the AFOL dinner, so instead he decided to drop by today to say thank you and meet AFOLs.

Tomorrow is another day, where hopes of reaching 10.000 visitors like today are high!

Personally I am a little sweaty as getting everything to add up from LUG support, to Event support, to LUGBULK and now LEGO World can be a bit hectic!

But it sure is worth the work when you look at the fantastic builds here and read the appreciative e-mails that we are getting from the LUGs.

2014 is off to a good start – I think I need a new pair of running shoes to keep up with the community though 🙂