We’ve moved!

In case you haven’t noticed yet.

We have moved our activities and blog to http://www.lego.com/lan

See you there!


Run, run, RUNNING!

So the final mad dash of getting the inbox reduced as much as possible has begun.

The past days since coming back from the US – I do promise a recap of that travel at some point – has been focused on reaching a spot where I can spend my vacation with an eased mind.

Even though it has been somewhat hectic, I do believe I’ll get there by Friday and I even had the time to say “Hi!” to Carlos from Hispabrick Magazine as he paid us a visit.

I think I was still a little “off” from my travel and the massive inbox to be fully “there” but Carlos was quite forgiving.

To check out the amazing magazine that they do (it is available in Spanish and English) click HERE

Keith and Carlos from Hispabrick Magazine Me and Carlos from Hispabrick Magazine

1st Anniversary

It has been a year since we launched the CEE Team Blog (now renamed the Community Team Blog).

When we launched it we were anxious of 2 things – 1) would the AFOL community like our blog and 2) would we manage to find the time to post regularily?

I believe the answer is “yes” on both accounts.

Now we are aware that compared to the BIG PLAYERS out there, our site is close to being a sandcorn in an endless desert, but never the less, we still have a dedicated group of people who’ve gone as far as following the blog (130 at the time of writing this).

We have more than 77,000 views in a year, which is more than we expected.

We’ve managed to put in 228 blog posts (plus this one) in about 360 days.

We had our biggest “hit” on April 26th with the unveiling of the Tower of Orthanc.


On behalf of the Community Support Team (Jan, Kevin, Keith and myself) I would like to say “Thank You!” to all of you.

The interest you’ve shown in our blog and our daily work and travels, has just ensured that we’ll keep posting here.


Updates to the blog, minor ones though.

So today I found out that the software does not allow more than one Flickr account in the widget section (right border of the page).

And since Kevin requested that I put his there along with mine, I decided to convert them into two fine links for your viewing pleasure.

All pictures coming from me and Kevin will most likely be put in our Flickr accounts as well along with all the pics that don’t make it to the blogposts.

Kevin just uploaded 150+ pics from his visit to BrickFair, so it’s definetly worth a look.


Also just to find out more about what you guys (and gals) like to read about, I’ve set up a “Most liked blog posts”-picture grid.

So whenever you read something you like, please press “like” and we can learn more about what you’d prefer us to write about here.


Now, back to work ­čÖé