We’ve moved!

In case you haven’t noticed yet.

We have moved our activities and blog to http://www.lego.com/lan

See you there!


LEGO Novelties & Confidentiality

It seems that several AFOLs out there are still not fully aware of our policies in regards to “confidential” and “preliminary” images.

Please share this with your fellow AFOLs.

Novelty Policy TLG


Feel free to reach out to your regional Community Support Representative.

Americas – Kevin Hinkle Kevin.Hinkle@LEGO.com

Europe and online community – Kim Thomsen Kim.Thomsen@LEGO.com

Asia, Eastern Europe & Australia – Jan Beyer Jan.Beyer@LEGO.com



1st Anniversary

It has been a year since we launched the CEE Team Blog (now renamed the Community Team Blog).

When we launched it we were anxious of 2 things – 1) would the AFOL community like our blog and 2) would we manage to find the time to post regularily?

I believe the answer is “yes” on both accounts.

Now we are aware that compared to the BIG PLAYERS out there, our site is close to being a sandcorn in an endless desert, but never the less, we still have a dedicated group of people who’ve gone as far as following the blog (130 at the time of writing this).

We have more than 77,000 views in a year, which is more than we expected.

We’ve managed to put in 228 blog posts (plus this one) in about 360 days.

We had our biggest “hit” on April 26th with the unveiling of the Tower of Orthanc.


On behalf of the Community Support Team (Jan, Kevin, Keith and myself) I would like to say “Thank You!” to all of you.

The interest you’ve shown in our blog and our daily work and travels, has just ensured that we’ll keep posting here.