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Palace of Culture and Science

Thanks to Maciej Bloch and LUGPol I build my copy of the Palace of Culture and Science where the latest LUGPol exhibition was concluded (I visited it – see my other blog post) and where the little model was used as a building activity for children.
Awesome MOC!


LEGOWORLD Copenhagen.

On behalf of the LEGOWORLD in Copenhagen:


Application for LEGO World Copenhagen is open.

LEGO World 2015 in Copenhagen will be held at Bella Center in the period 12th to 15th of February 2015.


We are looking for larger quality displays which have not been shown extensive in this part of the world before.

If you are interested in being an exhibitor please use this link http://www.lwfanzone.dk/ and fill in the required information not later than the 2nd of November 2014

Please be informed of that we only have a limited amount of exhibitor spots and due to that all entries need to be reviewed by the LEGO World Committee based on size, quality, attractiveness for the visitors and other criteria before acceptance.


The selected exhibitors will be informed in December 2014 (before Christmas).


For further information please go to: www.byggepladen.dk and there is a menu named LEGO World 2015.







Run, run, RUNNING!

So the final mad dash of getting the inbox reduced as much as possible has begun.

The past days since coming back from the US – I do promise a recap of that travel at some point – has been focused on reaching a spot where I can spend my vacation with an eased mind.

Even though it has been somewhat hectic, I do believe I’ll get there by Friday and I even had the time to say “Hi!” to Carlos from Hispabrick Magazine as he paid us a visit.

I think I was still a little “off” from my travel and the massive inbox to be fully “there” but Carlos was quite forgiving.

To check out the amazing magazine that they do (it is available in Spanish and English) click HERE

Keith and Carlos from Hispabrick Magazine Me and Carlos from Hispabrick Magazine

What has Kim been up to lately?

Good question.

So beginning of May I had the pleasure of supporting Eurobricks in celebrating their 10th Eurobricks Event Anniversary which happened to be in Billund.

The schedule of switching between LEGOLAND Billund, LEGOLAND Windsor and LEGOLAND Günzburg for their events “luckily” placed them in the heart of LEGO for this special edition.

While the hard working event organizers planned most things, I did help out in planning a visit to the moulding factory and also the print and packing facilities.

It was a great pleasure to have more than 50 AFOLs from all over the world come to Billund and share their passion and joy in a couple of very intense and hectic days.

And since so many AFOLs were in one place we grabbed the opportunity and had a meeting with all the Eurobricks staffers there and the Community Engagement & Events team members in office.

2 hours and a bunch of pizzas later we had to stop the meeting as we had a tight schedule, but I think it is safe to say that everyone got a lot from it and that it served well to strengthening the bonds between the AFOL community and our department.

Below is a round of images from the visit, and yes I am fully aware that the digital camera on my iPhone is not all that awesome…

Motorcycle in cabinet Sweet freebuild motorcycle Mini Me in Han Shot First Mini Me in EB Shirt Event Brick Flesh Han Shot First Hanunted House @LEGOLAND LEGOLAND #3 LEGOLAND #2 LEGOLAND #1 Lapbuild #2 Lapbuild #1 Architecture freebuild

Visiting with Eurobricks
Visiting with Eurobricks



LEGO House Model #4 LEGO House Model #3 LEGO House Model #2 LEGO House Model #1

So this Monday we had a visit from DeBouwsteen and while they were here, they had a briefing on the upcoming LEGO House.

As a special surprise we were able to show them the brand new model of the LEGO House.

That is one extraordinary building that I am looking forward to seeing in real life!.


Thanks to DeBouwsteen for a great day and for being such nice people. I trust you’ve had some awesome days here in Billund and it seems the weather was kind enough to make the entire trip even better.

Safe trip back home to the Netherlands and I’ll see you at LEGO World in Utrecht later this year.