About the blog

The Community Team Blog was started in November 2012 and discontinued on November 2014.

The purpose was to share stories from our daily work and travels around the LEGO AFOL Community.

Bloggers were:

Kevin Hinkle, Senior Community Coordinator Americas

Kim Ellekjær Thomsen, Community Coordinator EU

Jan Beyer, Community Operations Manager EU/Asia

Keith David Severson, Senior Manager Community Support

In January 2017 The Community Team Blog was revived as a Throwback site archiving the blogposts made on the LEGO Ambassador Network Blog on http://www.LEGO.com/LAN

The Community Team Blog (ceeteam.blog) is facilitated by the LEGO Group.

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17 thoughts on “About the blog

  1. Dear Community managers,

    Why is lego becoming more and more expensive?
    Why are sets like MBA and 21050 not available in the Eu?
    And when I see set 21050, witch I really want to haveis on ebay sold for so many euro’s I ask my self: is it time for a new hobby?
    You probably don’t answer me. But think of it please.
    Don’t let lego become elite toy. Every child and afol should have fast amounts and access to lego!

    With regards,


    • I understand your concerns and these issues are exaclty what we are bringing to the attention of our colleagues.
      Things are almost never black/white.
      I strongly suggest that you send these questions/concerns to your LUG’s LEGO Ambassador so that he can put them forward.
      We are not an elite toy in any way – that is not the intention of the product and it will never be the intention.

    • I’ll take that as a positive validation of the content that we blog here ;-).
      Being seen as something that should be in that app (which I also use a lot myself) is a praise that we appreciate.
      Thank You.

  2. To: Jan Beyer, Community Operations Manager EU/Asia

    I lives in Malaysia.

    Is Lego gonna open an online store here in Malaysia. And we do have a Legoland here.

    We are getting 40% to 50% higher price lego from Toy’rus and Scalpers.

    Do reply me is there a plan. I see no difficulties since we have LEGOLAND here.


  3. Hi i am a big fan of this blog..
    I love to read about what is going on in the different lugs all over the world.
    I hope to see some reports on lug meetings from the benelux as well preferably once organised by or together with debouwsteen…

    Keep up the amazing work!! (Hear the jealousy in my voice)

  4. How do I get in touch with either one of you? I’m from Malaysia & we are organizing a LEGO fans event.

  5. Not exactly sure if questions should be posted here, but I will just say the whole thing.
    I heard that Bionicle was coming back and I just wanted to give just a little feedback from the leaked images that were floating around (sorry, I could not resist!) You probably can’t get this message to anyone on the team but I just wanted to send this somehow to them. If this is not the place please tell me. Here are my thoughts if you can give this to the team.

    1.Awesome job guys the sets look really great!
    2.Please make Lewa the toa of air again. His power makes him a real oddball in the team (optional long explanation at the bottom).
    3.Add an extra vent on Tahu’s mask on both sides. Only 2 vents on both sides makes his face look a bit awkward.

    super long explanation: While the rest of the team works with their environment on a molecular level, Lewa’s power controls things on a cellular level. Also there are not always plants everywhere so his power is pretty useless outside the jungle. Sure he can bring a potted plant everywhere with him, but that doesn’t really make his power come from whats around him. Also the rest of the toa control non-living matter. Lewa controls plants. Plants are alive. The plant controling concept is still cool though and I think you should make his mask power to control plants instead of it being his element. Air just seems to be a more useful power to have then plant control in my opinion. Thanks for whoever read this long explanation.

  6. How accurate are your LUG list? Is it the latest as of this date or are you still waiting for the list coming out this November?

    • It is not entirely up to date. I plan to update as soon as we’ve reached the launch of the LEGO Ambassador Network.
      That should leave us with a proper overview on active LUGs that we support.

  7. Regarding the LAN, if I’ve encountered an unacceptable behavior demonstrated by a LAN candidate, what can I do about it? Thanks.

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