The last LEGO Fan Weekend

The past weekend the last LEGO Fan Weekend was concluded and it was again a great event!
We had 350 AFOLs visiting from 24 different countries around the world!
This was an awesome experience.

Lots of AFOLs showed their fantastic MOCs to each other, many LEGO employees (among the Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen and Jørgen Vig Knudstorp) and over 2300 public visitors.



Here is a little selection of the MOCs.







On Saturday evening we had a great Party dinner everybody enjoyed and where a very special 10 years LFW anniversary set was given to all participants.


Friends from all over the World came together to meet and to make new friendships – it was so much fun!

I want to thank you everybody who made this event happen and participated it in the past 10 years!


Full CEE team meeting

Today Kevin, Kim and I attend the full CEE team meeting in Billund. This will be 1 1/2 days of presentations and great discussions with our colleagues. Of course there will be also some fun evening activity! 🙂


The Last LEGO Fan Weekend


Adult LEGO fans,


After 10 successful years, the Community Engagement & Events (CEE) department has decided that the 2014 gathering at LEGO Fan Weekend (LFW) in Skærbæk, Denmark will unfortunately be the last one.  This was not an easy decision to make, but various challenges with the event and the significant growth in LUGs around the world have created a need for the CEE Department to reallocate its resources to support as many members of the global AFOL community as possible.


We know this might come as difficult news to many of you, and we are thankful to those who have worked with us every year to make it a great experience. We hope that during this 10th anniversary of the event, everyone can enjoy one last time together in Skærbæk and reflect on the rich history of LFW.  We encourage all of the AFOLs who have been or were planning to come to LFW in the future to consider attending another LUG driven event around the world, and to look to the new LEGO Ambassador Network (LAN) as the primary platform for interaction with The LEGO Group. Also keep in mind that the CEE department does not exclude the possibility of hosting AFOL gatherings in Billund or other locations at a later date.


We are very much looking forward to see those of you who will be there.  Thank you for your time and continued support of the LEGO brand.


With Warmest Regards,

The CEE Department


My visit to Warsaw

On Thursday I got early up to catch my flight to Warsaw. First I met with the LEGO Polska Marketing Manger responsible for AFOL cooperation. I took her through my presentation about AFOLs and LUGs and afterwards we discussed and agreed our cooperation plans for 2015. It was a great meeting.
In the afternoon I met up with the LEGO Ambassador and a member from LUG to discuss about cooperation and activities. We also had a short look around the beautiful City of Warsaw.




On the next day I met in the morning with one of the LUGPol Admins and we also had great discussions and a short City walk before we started our lunch meeting with 2 LUGPol Admins, the LEGO Polska Marketing Manager and myself. It was a very constructive meeting.





In the afternoon we visited together the current running LUGPol exhibition in the Technical museum which is part of the iconic Palace of Culture building in Warsaw.
The exhibition was great looking and well prepared.








In the evening LUGPol had organized a dinner meeting with 15 AFOLs from both LUGs.


It was a great and very productive and informative visit – thanks to all who contributed to it.

Community Team Trip to Asia

Hello Community,

First i want to report that the community team have been receiving a lot of LUG’s LEGO Ambassador Network Applications since Monday. So far it has been a pretty good start!

On Thursday (August 28th) I took a trip to Asia to join Tormod and Daiva to meet with local markets and discuss future opportunities to work with LUG’s and the regional LEGO Certified Professionals (LCP’s). We started in Hong Kong, a market which has been closely working with fans for a very long time. Being this market was at a much more advance level in terms of AFOL knowledge and experience the conversation was more about listening to their experience and seeing how we can align in the future.

hong kong




Then on Sunday we drove across the border to a city in China call Shenzhen. We stopped at a mall to see a LEGO marketing activity. They had a traveling truck show which stopped at many locations in the region and setup a fun and engaging area for children to experience the LEGO Brand. It was an awesome experience and interesting to see the similarity and also some difference on how children perceive and play with the bricks.






On Monday we met with the China business unit in Shanghai. It is a fast growing business unit which has almost no experience with fans. So our meetings we very much focuses on AFOL awareness, what they can do, and the benefits to the markets. Also part of this conversation was about how to utilize the talents of the regional LCP’s. The China marketing team was very excited to plan some activities with us in 2015.


sh office



shanghai 2







Finally on Tuesday we were given an exciting opportunity to travel to Jiaxing, which is about 1.5 hours north of shanghai, this is where the new LEGO Factory is under construction! We met with the leadership team there to hear about the progress of the factory but also to discuss AFOL activities with them. In the near future this factory will start to employ A LOT of people, this is a huge factory which requires the best and brightest technicians, quality staff and engineers. However the city is not very familiar with the LEGO Group so they are working hard to find way to show the local people that LEGO is a great company to work for. There is an engineering university in the city so they really want to find ways to make LEGO an attractive work place for both experienced and young engineers. The career opportunities at this factory will be exciting!

Of course being an engineer myself and I strongly believe LEGO’s manufacturing technology is some of the most advanced in the world, I became very excited to be engaged in such a brand awareness challenge. Because unlike TLG’s normal branding campaigns, in reaching out to parents and kids about play, this was reaching out the technical field and showing how amazing our manufacturing is and the incredible opportunities engineers get to experience at a factory. So personally that was a really fun meeting!


This picture is from the administration office which oversees the city.


Then we took a trip out to the construction site. There is not much there, a few steel frames but mostly still a lot of dirt. I was amazed about the massive size of the location, it will be LEGO’s largest site! But most importantly I am absolutely impressed with the work ethics, safety and operations of the teams there. I have had a few factory construction experiences in different parts of China with my previous employer, so I had certain level expectations about the challenges of a European company building factories to the expected standards, it is not easy. When I saw this site, and the amount of effort and success they put into every single aspect of the construction it was amazing! They set the quality and construction standards very high right from the beginning and ensured that site safety always came first! This quality and safety standards demonstrated to me that this site will be able to clearly meet TLG’s future manufacturing demands with the consistency of all our other manufacturing sites. This factory is going to be a great addition to TLG to ensure products are getting to local/regional markets much faster.

china factory


factory model

There is an observation tower at the corner of the site. In the observation tower sites a MOC for visitors to not just see the site but see how it should finally look (in LEGO of course) J The MOC was created by an AFOL by the name of Joseph Yuechen Zhou.

The entire trip was fantastic, I guess you can probably tell which part of the trip was the most fun for me, meeting a lot of new people and making new connections and opportunities for the team and the AFOL community!

Accepting LAN applications

Hello Adult Fan of LEGO Community.


Just a reminder that today we are now accepting and processing applications to be accepted into the new LEGO Ambassadors Network.  Please allow up to 2 weeks to process your application.  Also note that you will receive a response from us but the new forum will not go live until mid October.  We will keep the Ambassador up to date on when they will get access to it.



Do not forget to include the release form which needs to be signed by the Ambassador.


Please make sure you send it to your relevant community manager. 


Jan Beyer – Community Operations Manager /

Supporting the community in Easten Europe, Russia and Asia/Australia


Kevin Hinkle – Senior Community Coordinator /

Supporting the community in North & South America.


Kim Ellekjær Thomsen – Community Coordinator /

Supporting the community in North, Central, South and Western Europe. Also handling all online LUG’s




Thank you