Cool trip to Taipei

The past 5 days I visited Taipei to discuss with LEGO Taiwan the AFOL cooperation and to meet with the 2 local LUGs Pockyland and TWLUG.

The time really gone by fast. I visited a cool event at the Red House done by Pockyland.




Visited some places where the AFOLs meet and buy LEGO bricks and sets.




Got shown around by local AFOLs to experience the local culture.





Visited Taipei Zoo to see the Panda built by Rack.


Enjoyed a meet and greet with TWLUG.


Look through the shops and saw luckily a lot of LEGO products ­čÖé but unluckily also lots of other Brick products ­čśŽ



And got plenty of exiting food and drinks!





So it was an awesome experience. Thank you very much to all who took so great care of me!


Totoro and Me!

So a couple of days back Carlos send me an LDD file of his take on Totoro.

He’d guessed that I am somewhat of a Miyazaki fan and therefore he wanted to share his LEGO version of Totoro.

And finally I got to the point of finding all the needed elements and some spare time in front of the TV last night, so I could build it.

Trust me when I say that printing the html-version of the LDD rendered instructions is a the best temper test there is out there right next to contests as speed build a small racer set or a timed build-in-bag contest.

I did manage in the end and I am proud to share a photo (selfie is the proper word these days, isn’t it?) of Totoro and me at work!


Thanks Carlos.

(and no, I can’t share the instructions as they are not mine).


This week (and some of last week) has been all about getting LUGBULK invoices passed on as the confirmations come in from the element warehouse.

And I also had the chance to do a presentation of the AFOL community and what we do in Community Engagement & Events to the company’s HR department.

Tomorrow, I’ll be heading to the UK for a meeting with LEGO UK and then a meeting with some of the UK AFOLs.

Sadly I’ll be heading back to Billund tomorrow night, so I won’t be able to visit as many of the UK AFOLs and LUGs as I would have liked to.

I do promise to return at some point in the future.


Visit to Shanghai

The past 3 days I was visiting Shanghai partly to meet with my colleagues from LEGO China, get an impression of the City and market and also to meet with local members from China LUG.

The meeting with LEGO China was great and very productive – they are interested in working with AFOLs and we will look more into possibilities in future meetings.

Today I visited the China LUG workshop run by Joseph centrally located at a local high school.



Also Robin – a Master in LEGO Mindstorms was around to show his creations.


Afterwards we went for an AFOL dinner and had some very good talks and discussions.


Of course a little sight seeing and a small market run was included too on these days.


All in all a very succesful trip – thanks to all from China LUG and LEGO China who made this a remarkable visit.

Tomorrow I leave Shanghai and travel for a 4 day visit to Taipei.

K. Hinkle Weekly Update – The Noobs

LEGO Community team member Kevin Hinkle presenting the AFOL Community to new LEGO employees in Enfield, CT; USA.
LEGO Community team member Kevin Hinkle presenting the AFOL Community to new LEGO employees.

This week I was once again given the opportunity to provide an overview and introduction of the adult fan of LEGO (AFOL) community to the newest employees of The LEGO Group. Each quarter the office in Enfield, CT; USA hosts an orientation for those that have just joined the company. Spanning the length of three days, presenters from almost every department and team give high level introductions into the different areas of the company and encourage networking. My colleague Sara was able to provide a helping hand both during the presentation but also with the building activity we hosted afterwards! Our team’s Senior Manager Keith was in town and lucky enough to catch the magic, so I asked him to grab a picture.

Outside of the usual community interaction via phone and email, a great deal of my time this week has been spent touching base with colleagues to follow up on several projects to kick off soon. I’ve been working with a handful of Brand Marketing teams within the US to provide unique support opportunities to our AFOL community. Additionally, I’ve been working closely with our marketing office in Canada to pioneer a few new support initiatives in the Canadian region as well as establishing contact and relationships with our office in Brasil. Thankfully with my time stretched a tad thin lately, it looks as though I might soon have another set of hands joining me to help process the continuous barrage of event support applications from the very active LEGO User Group (LUG) Community in North America…