Jupiter Mission Control Room in LEGO bricks

I saw this amazing MOC – the Jupiter Mission Control Room – built by the French AFOL Damien Labrousse displayed in the CNES stand at the Le Bourget Airshow in Paris this summer and also met Damien there – he is such a nice and talented person.
Awesome and very inspiring!





Beautiful Czech Castles

I looked lately through my pictures from all my business trips to AFOL events I made this year and I must admit that I am still very fascinated by the castle MOCs (built based on real Czech castles) I saw at the Lipno Event 2013 organized by Kostky.org. Therefore I want to share some pictures with you.

The MOCs are so detailed, so greatly built and look almost like the real thing – also the scale is impressive.
So awesome.





I hope to see those and more castles on next years Lipno event
and can strongly recommend a visit!

1st Anniversary

It has been a year since we launched the CEE Team Blog (now renamed the Community Team Blog).

When we launched it we were anxious of 2 things – 1) would the AFOL community like our blog and 2) would we manage to find the time to post regularily?

I believe the answer is “yes” on both accounts.

Now we are aware that compared to the BIG PLAYERS out there, our site is close to being a sandcorn in an endless desert, but never the less, we still have a dedicated group of people who’ve gone as far as following the blog (130 at the time of writing this).

We have more than 77,000 views in a year, which is more than we expected.

We’ve managed to put in 228 blog posts (plus this one) in about 360 days.

We had our biggest “hit” on April 26th with the unveiling of the Tower of Orthanc.


On behalf of the Community Support Team (Jan, Kevin, Keith and myself) I would like to say “Thank You!” to all of you.

The interest you’ve shown in our blog and our daily work and travels, has just ensured that we’ll keep posting here.


EVENT RECAP: Bricking Bavaria LEGO® Hobby Exhibition

BrickingBavaria2013 (145)

While working out of the LEGO office in Billund, Denmark last week, I was given the unique opportunity to join my colleague Kim Ellekjær Thomsen as he visited an AFOL exposition in Munich, Germany. For those who may not read our blog regularly, Kim and I both support the Adult Fan of LEGO (AFOL) community in different parts of the world as members of the LEGO Community Team. In connection with the larger exhibition FreizeitSpass in Munich, the fan group Bricking Bavaria hosted their tenth event on the second floor of the Event Center.

We arrived in Munich on Friday evening and made our way to the hotel to check-in and drop off our luggage. We immediately proceeded to a local restaurant in which the group was hosting a dinner for all participants. Kim and I spent time engaging with some of the fans while we enjoyed a nice dinner and presentation celebrating the last ten years. There were some great photos and I assume the speech was very nice (unfortunately I could not understand as it was in German) :). We brought a small brick built trophy with us to present to the event organizer in recognition of the special occasion and we hosted a quick building competition for those in attendance. There was even a special guest afterwards!

BrickingBavaria2013 (14)

BrickingBavaria2013 (128)

Saturday we were blow away by the thousands of public visitors at the exhibition. After walking around the first floor which was devoted mostly to board games and the model train hobby, we went upstairs to find the rather larger Bricking Bavaria layout. As expected, there were a great deal of wonderfully detailed builds and creations. Of note, there was a huge presence of both Monorail and Moonbase, both of which I have seen a decline of at North American AFOL events recently. There were also a few vendors selling LEGO products and custom printed/engraved elements. Bricking Bavaria also hosted an interactive mosaic building activity for children and visitors to participate in. Throughout the day we wandered about the event both documenting and well as engaging with the fans. It was interesting to see that AFOLs ask the same questions no matter where in the world I am.

In the evening, a visiting LEGO model designer took the time to give a brief presentation on some of his work and the overall LEGO model design process. Afterwards, there was an auction for rare and exclusive LEGO products such as the LEGO Master Builder Academy sets which are exclusive to North America. We also witnessed the pouring out of the brick pile! AFOLs were allowed to rummage through a large assortment of various LEGO elements and fill bags for an extremely reasonable cost. As you can imagine, there were quite a few people on the floor sifting.

BrickingBavaria2013 (51)

BrickingBavaria2013 (56)

This was a greatly beneficial trip for me as I was able to align more with my colleague Kim and get a firsthand experience at an AFOL event outside my region. Of course, the obvious question is what differences I noticed between a European event and one in North America. After speaking with several participants and the organizer it seems there has been more emphasis on sharing the hobby with the public historically in this region. That being said, there is huge interest from fans in the region to move towards the direction of offering more “private AFOL” time at events like this in order to share learnings, building techniques, and expertise. I had multiple fans who wanted to know what kind of seminars, workshops, and presentations I have seen at the conventions that I have attended. It should be very interesting to see how they move towards that direction in the future.

BrickingBavaria2013 (104)

I want to give a huge thank you to Kim for allowing me to join him during this event in Germany!
My full set of photos can be found in my Flickr photostream HERE