Oeiras BRInCKa AFOL Event

Today I am visiting another AFOL Event in the Lisbon area organized by PLUG. It is in a sports arena approx. 15 min drive from Lisbon.
Already from the morning they welcomed many visitors – very nice to see all the happy children and adults.

50 AFOLs are participating and our LCP Dirk Denoyelle will visit the event later today.

I took already some pictures to share here – more to come.





Take a flight ­čÖé



Model Expo, Helsinki, Finland

So it’s day #2 in Finland and today is a real blast.
So many visitors at Model Expo, which is really amazing considering that Helsinki isn’t that big a major capital compared to other European cities.
I spend a couple of hours checking out the rest of the venue.
At Model Expo you can find anything from hairless cats to baby-gear to remote controlled flying cameras to model trains and of course the 80+ sqm display of LEGO MOCs by the Finnish AFOLs.

I have been trying to do as many photo as possible of the layout, but it’ll have to wait a few days before I can upload them to my flickr folder.
Until then, all of you will have to live with the pictures I’ve taken using the iPad’s built-in camera.

Quite a few very skilled builders around here!








WEEK 17: A Beam of LightÔÇŽ


This week has been a brutal serving of excel sheets, emails, phone calls, and warehouse orders. As promised, I spent every moment not previously allocated to office meetings (Which I had 9 this week) to processing the pending LUG & event support applications for North & South America. As of this morning, I have now successfully shipped out 67 LUG support packages out of 80 submitted applications.

On the event support front, I have shipped out 51 support packages which only leaves me with 10 additional event support applications left to address (unless more decide to come in). So what exactly does that entail in terms of LEGO? Well, according to my records I have now shipped out over 375 LEGO sets and 273 cases of assorted play brick to the LUG community. I have to admit itÔÇÖs been a very tedious and long process but thanks to an email I got back from the Adult LEGO┬« Alliance in British Columbia, IÔÇÖm reminded of the positive impact and purpose of these programs. As a thank you, Pennie-Lynn, my primary point of contact at the ALA built a small vignette to show their gratitude and excitement upon receiving their LUG support shipment. I was very touched by the small gesture and had to share (pictured above).

If all goes according to plan- the final shipments for LUG & event support will make their way from the Enfield warehouse next week. Back to this week however, our colleague Tim Courtney, who works to support LEGO Cuusoo and a member of the Community Co-creation team, worked out of the Enfield office. Apparently, he will be moving soon to help build the teamÔÇÖs presence at the US office. Sara and I spent some time getting him used to the office culture and getting everything in place for his eventual move in the coming months. ItÔÇÖs always good to hear of more community team members coming over to the new colonies: the majority of our department is based out of the office in Billund, Denmark. Outside of the normal hustle and bustle, lots of very productive meetings this week. Hopefully we have a few more opportunities to explore for supporting the LEGO fan community with some of these initial conversations.

LUG UPDATE: We officially welcomed a new LUG this week into South America! LUG Peru ÔÇô The LEGO┬« Users Group of Peru, reached out to let us know that they are here and not to be overlooked! They have 14 members and a website available for your viewing pleasure. We look forward to working with them more in the future. South America now has 3 active LUGs!

Campo Pequeno AFOL Event

Today I traveled to Lisbon, Portugal to visit 2 AFOL Events. Here are some pictures from the Campo Pequeno AFOL Event. We expect 40.000 public visitors over 7 days!

Wow, what a nice outside view of the event place!


Some very cool MOCs from Alex de Jong.


And the builder himself.


A castle from Romão Santos.



Sailing ships ­čÖé – all can be done with PF!


Took some more pictures.



Check out the cable car!


At Klodsfest

So I’ve arrived in Herning. – Just in time for me to do a short presentation of the CEE team and what we do and how we do it.

After my short presentation and a few questions it was time for Byggepladen to have their annual general assembly. Anne Mette was elected as Chairman – congratulations Anne Mette – looking forward to working with you and the board in 2013.

Then it was time (during the general assembly) to hand out the Byggepladen Annual Prize.

Congratulations Lasse D. well deserved nomination.

Then a few interesting news:
The 10th Anniversary is going to be held in Billund on June 7th.

Make sure to drop by Broby on May 11th for the GWR on the longest non-electric model train track. – Will do, already in my calendar!

Klodsfest 2014 – May 16th -18th in Roskilde.

And then a surprise appearance by Morten Dalermoen from Brikkelauget (Klossmajor=Chairman).
Talking about the Scandinavian LUG cooperation which has been set in motion by some of the chairmen and LEGO Ambassadors from the LUGs in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.
They are working on making a social gathering of fans from said countries in Gothenburg. Making it possible for Scandinavian fans to meet, greet and do workshops together.
– That’s going to be interesting to follow.

Svend Erik then gave feedback on LEGOWorld 2013:
New WR – 139 GBC modules in one setup running at the same time.
New WR – 500+ different Star Wars minifigs in one display.
Kudos on a job well done.

And tonight the party is on!

WEEK 16: The LCPs are Coming!


Apologies for missing my weekly post last week, there was quite a bit of work last week in addition to final preparations for the annual LEGO Certified Professionals summit here in Enfield, CT that just wrapped up today. The conference lasted three days with 8 LCPs from the United States, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Australia, Singapore, and Norway in attendance.  We had a lot of great discussions around some of the challenges the LCPs have around the world and took time to explore and discuss collaborative opportunities between the LCPs and The LEGO Group as well as between themselves.

IMG_0686  IMG_0691

Due to the conference I was only able to ship out just a couple support packages for LUG & event support, but IÔÇÖll be kicking it up into high gear over the coming week. I am hoping to complete all, if not most, of the pending LUG support applications next week.