This is getting better with every set

I must admit that I was not really overly exicted about Galaxy Squad – allow me to apologize for that.
“My sincere apologies”
This is a super theme with super builds and great minifigs.
I was allowed to try out another one of the sets and eventhough this is a small set, it is still kinda awesome. I really like the new insectoid minifigs and the design of their space vessels is really insect-like.
In this one (70700) we get another bug (meeeeooooowwww) and a robot fella from the blue faction – no idea what they’re called yet!
Nice techniques used in the bug-flyer sidewards build, pin attachment and sweet details.
A must have for all space fans – be that insectoid or classic ones.




I love HK!

I love Hong Kong!

Here some pictures from my last visit in July – looking forward to visit my AFOL friends and great colleagues in this fantastic city again next year!

From the peak


Star Ferry and Victoria Harbour


Tsim Sha Tsui project done by Legend Bricks – awesome!



And here the guys who build it


Thanks a lot for taking me around and for giving me so many special feelings and a great time!