City, Creator, Friends

Today some new sets arrived to my desk – a very nice City set, a Creator house now including a Minifig and a little very cute Friends set in a bag containing a little turtle!
Also as something new a lot og sets use 5 digit set numbers now.



AFOL construction workers ;-)

We all look a lot like construction workers on this picture with those lovely vests but we were preparing the visit to the LEGO Factory in Kladno, Czech Republic with a group of AFOLs from the local LUG
It was really fun even though the tour was in Czech language which is not understandable for me.


Week 48: Playing Catch-Up!

Back in the office this week after a much needed and enjoyed week of vacation. Lots to do on my end this week, on top of the usual game of catch-up after any time away from the office. The emails and phone calls from the North American fan community continue to pour in regarding the restructuring and alignment of our global support efforts in 2013 and what impacts this will have on the fan conventions in the region (such as Brickworld, BrickFair, BrickCon, etc.). Most of which are simply concerns that The LEGO Group is pulling all forms of support. As my schedule of this week will show, this is not the case.

This week I’ll be working on processing element orders for Brickworld ( and BricksCascade ( These orders are comprised of the LEGO elements needed for brick badges, event kits, building activities, etc. I personally facilitate these orders with the event coordinators/organizers up to 6 months in advance of the physical event. The support packages for BrickFair: Alabama ( will also make their way out of the Enfield warehouse this week. The packages contain a wide selection of LEGO products aligning with the estimated number of registered attendees. The products are donated to the event to be utilized in raffles, lotteries, charity auctions, door prizes, etc.

This also happens to be the time of the year in which we partner with other departments around the company to establish the rotating travel schedule of LEGO model designers and new exclusive product unveilings at fan events. So we’ve had a few meetings/discussions to work towards finalizing these plans for 2013. Around the Enfield office I also have other meetings with LEGO Brand Retail and a few of the Brand Marketing teams to explore additional opportunites for fan community support in 2013.

LUG UPDATE: This week we welcomed a brand new LUG (LEGO User Group) to North America! Garage LUG has formed around the north metro Detroit (also known as Motor City) area in Michigan. They currently have 18 members and are working on developing their website and online forum. North America currently has 85 active LUGs.